Belt Scales

Quality Belt Scale Solutions & Other Weighing Systems from MERRICK

Adding a belt scale to your conveyor system is an excellent way to monitor the flow rate of your material and ensure the accuracy of your totalized weight output. At MERRICK, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality, custom designed dynamic weighing solutions for all of their material handling needs. In business since inventing the first conveyor belt scale in 1908, MERRICK has the technology, experience, and applications knowledge to provide our customers with the most effective belt scale solutions available.

When it comes to belt scales, the top priority is obviously reliable accuracy over the long term.  The scale should be repeatable day to day, month to month, year to year. We understand that reliable, repeatable accuracy is extremely important both for our customer’s process efficiency and quality. MERRICK belt scales are designed to deliver the necessary results. Our MERRICK Model 475 Conveyor Belt Scale is certified under the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) of the National Conference of Weights and Measures. This belt scale features accurate readings within ± 0.25% of test load and is repeatable to ± 0.125%, when properly installed and maintained to MERRICK standards.

MERRICK’s conveyor belt scales are easy to install, utilize no moving parts, and are essentially maintenance free, providing years of reliable and accurate service.   MERRICK also has field service bases offering turnkey installation, startup commissioning, material test supervision, and troubleshooting capabilities.

Click through the following list to learn more about the conveyor belt scale products manufactured by MERRICK:


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