Autolok IC

For over 90 years, McNeil & NRM Tire Machinery Division has been at the forefront of the tire industry—recognized for its superior design and engineering, production capability, and service reliability. McNeil & NRM AUTOLOK Tire Curing press family for radial passenger, light truck, and truck tires has set new industry standards for accuracy, dependability, and ease of maintenance without compromise. With a “user friendly” approach, AUTOLOK features oil hydraulic operation and vertical motion. McNeil & NRM precision green-tire loader and AUTO SWEEP® SYSTEM combine to give this dual platen press the overall precision desired in the loading and curing of premium-quality tires. And the AUTOLOK Press flexibility allows you to select from an entire array of options that further customize McNeil & NRM presses around your most exacting production needs.


The unique Breechlock ring secures mold halves and contains the squeeze force to achieve uniform mold loading.

This design features separation of the guiding system from the mold squeeze. Press and loader alignments are not affected by the repetitive stress as experienced in hydraulic frame-type presses.


• Independent cavity operation

• Fast cycle time

• Energy efficient (insulation designed for life of machine)

• Easy access for mold changes and maintenance

• Excellent long term press and loader alignment repeatability

• Complete top and bottom clamp ring control through PLC

• Utilizes standard BOM bladder and clamp rings

• All hoses, wire and cable neatly organized and protected in cable carriers

• Segmented molds only

• Compact installation



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