McNeil & NRM BAG-O-MATIC Tire Curing Systems offer the proven designs, rugged construction, and versatility needed to produce today’s broad range of high quality tires. Built to last, the new generation BAG-O-MATIC curing presses exhibit the same skilled workmanship that has assured years of trouble-free, low-maintenance operation in existing BAG-O-MATIC Tire Presses. As versatile as they are dependable, BAG-O-MATIC curing presses are ideal for meeting a wide range of tire and mold design preferences and curing specifications. They are easily adapted to most segmented mold and two-piece mold designs.


Whether you’re producing passenger, truck, or OTR tires, BAG-O-MATIC curing systems offer the production capabilities required for today’s needs and the flexibility to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


• BAG-O-MATIC Presses can automatically and simultaneously load, cure, and unload radial or bias tires of different sizes in the two cavities of one press.   • Standing posts are featured to assure that the bladder is centered in the green tire during shaping and curing.


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