McNeil & NRM is the world’s leader in Stripwinding Technology and inventor of the Orbitread® Stripwinding process. McNeil & NRM has installed over 4,000 stripwinding machines in over 70 countries. These machines are used for the tire, roll covering, and aerospace industries. McNeil & NRM’s qualified Engineering, Spare Parts and Service Departments are available and prepared to provide the expert and dependable aftermarket support that our customers have expected and received for over seventy years. Our product lines include:

• New Tire Machines

• Retread Tire Machines

• Roll Covering Machines

• Cold Feed Extruders

• Rollaformers & Orbidies

• Rocket Motor Insulation Machines

McNeil & NRM  do more than simply build machines. We solve complex engineering problems through the development of highly innovative concepts and systems. The result: Equipment designed to effectively and economically meet McNeil & NRM  customer’s specific needs now and in the future. Modern facilities, technical depth, proprietary technologies, efficient systems and perhaps the most important resource, people, have made the McNeil & NRM group a leading world-wide producer of high technology equipment for the tire, roll covering, and aerospace industries. McNeil & NRM have completely supported offices in France, Australia, Japan, Middle East and the Eastern Bloc countries. McNeil & NRM  are ready to look at all your equipment needs, and are prepared to engineer and build your equipment.


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