Weftless Bead Winding Systems

Bartell’s Weftless Bead Winding Systems are designed for high volume production of weftless, or "ribbon", tire beads including industrial, passenger, truck and rear farm. The weftless bead has a simple uncomplicated construction process, consisting of two (2) or more wires held together in a ribbon of insulated rubber compound. These wires are pre-cast into a desired bead diameter, would a pre-selected number of times around a fixed diameter former, cut and ejected.

Our machines are designed to implement individual customer needs ensuring continuous production of high quality weftless beads along with meeting government and industry standards around the world.


The Bartell TDS-860 Weftless Bead System is designed to carry out high production requirements for weftless (ribbon) passenger beads.


The TDS-980 is designed to be an economical and versatile bead winder capable of producing a wide range of weftless (ribbon) bead diameters.


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