The flexible professional for the widest variety of applications

The double pivot feeder provides for safe material intake

The EAE single-screw discharge extruder is a very flexible machine that can be used in many different areas of application and with which – depending on head technology – granules, sheets and strips can be produced. The integration of a material filter (strainer) is also possible. Our machines are characterised by the secure entry of the mixing bale from the mixer into the screw channel. Fluctuations in pressure in the extrusion tool are minimised thanks to the twin rotary pushing system. If the extruder is connected downstream of a collecting rolling mill, material feeding can also take place via a strip feed roll.

More features:

  • Unique twin rotary pushing system for secure material feeding
  • Customer-specific, individually designed geometry and length of the screw with optimised temperature control
  • Inline strainer possible
  • Compact design with water-cooled AC drives
  • Easy to change materials with double-head technology


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