The first choice for applications in the tyre industry

The Banbury is ideally suited for multi-step mixing applications

Farrel brought the Banbury® mixer to the HF MIXING GROUP. We have optimised it within our Group, assi­milating the best features of the previous models from HF, Farrel and Pomini. The Banbury® mixer still remains the first choice for diverse applications in the tyre industry because it is ideally suited to the specific requirements of multi-step mixing applications. Criteria such as good intake and discharge behaviour, excellent dispersion and distribution quality, and optimal cooling behaviour guarantee efficient and profitable masterbatch, remilling and final mixing processes.

More features:

  • Increased volumes for tangential mixers
  • Full hydraulic hopper with iRam function
  • Greater batch size with Keel BottomTM weight
  • Optimised HCD dust seal system and new single-point lubrication system
  • Wide variety of hard surfacing systems to meet individual demands


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