The top performer for the technical rubber goods industry

Intermix E guarantees homogeneous distribution and a high degree of dispersion of the mixture

The intermeshing machine technology of the  Intermix® E is the clear top performer in the technical rubber Goods industry and the tyre industry. The PES5 rotors feature unique intermeshing wing technology that ensures the homogeneous distribution of all mixture components and the highest possible degree of dispersion. The rotor design and optimised cooling behaviour also enable all of the machine components that come into contact with the mixture to efficiently process heat-sensitive materials. Due to these characteristics, the Intermix® E is well-established in the technical rubber products industry and has become accepted in the area of silica compounds for tyres. In addition, the Intermix® E can also be an interesting solution for special kinds of compounds, such as fibre-filled compounds.

More features:

  • Highly effective cooling (Super Cooled®)
  • Crack-free special hard surfacing
  • Innovative ram pressure control
  • Optimised dust seal system


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