The convertible multi-talent for viscous media

The versatile universal mixer Umix has proven itself in diverse branches of industry

For processing of medium- and highly viscous compounds in batch operation Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH/ HF offers the production mixer series UMIX and the laboratory mixer series UMIX-L sizes ranging from 0.25 to 4,300 litre volume. Their field of application comprises of the rubber, plastics, paint-, adhesives, pharmaceutical-, cosmetics- and the foods industry as well as the general chemicals industry. Depending on the application, the mixed compound is discharged by tilting the mixing chamber, by a discharge screw or via bottom discharge valves for transfer to the next step of the process. HF supplies spare parts and comprehensive maintenance packages for not only for mixers built by HF; but also for machines built by Coperion. The packages are individually adapted to the machine configuration and customer’s production process. On request HF can make modifications to accommodate alternative materials.

Further features are (depending on model and/or size):

  • Process control by temperature controlled mixing chambers and rotors
  • Rotor geometry, materials and drive capacity are adapted to the application
  • Profile extrusion via nozzles and pelletizing in connection with discharge screws


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