McNeil & NRM

The long and distinguished history of McNeil & NRM spans more than nine decades and scores of technological advancements. Founded in 1907 and 1910 respectively, both NRM and McNeil were pioneers in the design and manufacture of tire production equipment for automobile and truck tires. Throughout the ensuing decades, both companies  became respected as innovators in the tire industry—serving domestic and international customers alike with the world’s most technologically advanced tire production equipment. Today, with a combined total of more than 150 years experience and expertise, McNeil & NRM, Inc. stands at the cutting edge of the global tire industry. With its technology base in Akron, Ohio and high quality manufacturing plant in Bucharest, Romania, McNeil & NRM, Inc. is positioned to remain a pillar in machinery supply to the industry. Our determination can be seen in our commitment to ongoing research and development, in our dedication to manufacturing excellence, and in our pursuit of total customer satisfaction. McNeil & NRM, Inc. stands ready to meet the future head-on…responding to industry demands for quality without compromise by designing, manufacturing, and servicing a new generation of tire production equipment to meet the most stringent processing requirements.

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