■ Application: Specific Device of Thermostat for aquarium.
Power:AC115V (60Hz)
Load Capacity:100W~ 1000W
Temperature Scale:20~35℃,±1℃. Accuracy:±1℃


l  The most advanced Light Emitting Diode (display) is utilized to display setting and current temperatures. The Buzzer inside. l  Temperature control circuit activated by Micro-Processor allows an accuracy of ±1℃. This device will maintain any pre-selected temperature between20℃~35℃ for fishes in aquarium。 l  Single knob design, Easy for operating. l  Twin LED displaying water and setting temperature easy reading and setting in day and night. l  The wire of Temperature Sensor use anti-cool Material to prevent ageing under in water, Probe is waterproof double Insulation. l  Automatic alarm and cut off heating in case of water temperature changes beyond the range of ±3℃and over temperature36℃.

Automatic alarm and cut off heating in case of full Open/Short Circuit and wire of Sensor broken Protection

l  Ultra-high Power Rating: 1000W

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