Temperature Controller

Electronic Temperature Controller OF Professional Class


Reserved for the use of Terrarium and Aquarium

■ Application: Specific Device of Heat Emitter for Reptiles and amphibians in terrarium and fishes in aquarium. ■   Load Capacity: Plug in one or up to  three compatable heating items with a combined wattage of up to 1000watts. ■   This state of art controller will maintain any pre-secected temperature between 68℉ and 95℉ (15℃-40℃) for Reptiles in terrarium or 88℉ and 98℉ (20℃-35℃) for fishes in aquarium—Two kind  of publication for This Controller Temperature Scale and Set Range. ■ With a turn of the controller,you can adjust the desirable temperature of most non-thermostically controlled heating device. For Terrarium and Reptile –Ceramic Heating Emitters, Basking Spot Lamps (UVA), Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp, Under Tank Heater, Incandescent Heat Bulds, Infra-Red Heating Panels and Nightlight Red/Blue Reptile Lamp…etc. For Aquarium – Titanium Heater, Heat Flex, Quartz Heater, Glass Heater…etc. Can be used in conjunction with a timer for day or night cycle simulation. ■ Full Open/Short Circuit and wire of Temperature Sersor broken Protection ■ Temperature Sersor wire use anti-cool Materal to prevent ageing under in water ■ Temperature Probe is waterproof double Insulation ■ Accuracy of Temperature Control: ±0.5℃/1℉ ■ Japan Patent:1120316 ■ Ultra-high Power Rating: 1000W

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