vmi tire assembly maxx MAXX®

Hands off, eyes off with MAXX

VMI took traditional machines, and applied the latest technology, to rethink the machine. The result: the MAXX radial passenger tire assembly machine.As the name suggests, MAXX maximizes output, quality, ergonomics and flexibility. While minimizing set-up times, maintenance and machine complexity. So one person has the power to do it all! This two-drum machine combines a high level of flexibility with a substantially higher output – and improved green tire quality. Complete hands-off and eyes-off production is possible. Customized solutions are also available. With MAXX, you can produce tires in rim sizes from 12-24”. A typical cycle time, with a regular tire, is 36 seconds. For daily production of up to 2000 tires. Among MAXX’s many features are:

  • Automatic splice checking systems
  • Robotic bead unstacking and loading and green tire removal
  • Cartridge change during building cycle
  • Moving building and shaping drum, static servers, transfer ring
  • Servo driven applicator position,
  • Mechanical Synchro drum® building and shaping
  • Advanced material clamping

Options include random or 100% green tire visual inspection by operator, and a bar coding system for full track and trace.

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