Bead Apexing for car tires

vmi bead apex 008croppbjpg e1366193782225 Bead Apexing for car tires
With just one operator – and a single VMI Tire full-automatic apexer line – you have the power to produce up to 10,000 apexed beads a day, in diameters ranging from 12-24 inches. Our apexing line includes VMI Tire’s renowned extrusion technology, so you’re ensured of the consistent high quality so vital in automated tire building.
The system is fed with beads and rubber compound for the apex extruder, which is fully integrated into the controls – and comes with our patented quick die change head for minimal downtime. The pin-barrel extruder with exchangeable pins is capable of extruding a wide variety of compounds.
Our automatic apexer line extrudes and cuts the apex to length while winding around the bead.  All in one rotational movement. Once apexed, the beads are presented on an output carousel, separated by sheets or stacked with special separators on a special cart – and ready to be fed into the automatic VMI MAXX Tire builder.

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