FLEXX® OTR Tire Component Maker

vmi flexx otr 2 FLEXX® OTR Tire Component Maker
Impressive, flexible FLEXX technology
By utilizing extrusion instead of traditional calendering, our new FLEXX OTR produces all-steel reinforced tire components for OTR radial tires and steel belted agricultural tires – all in one machine.
The FLEXX OTR tire component maker integrates the latest breakthroughs in cutting and feeding technology, vision systems and extruder gear pump technology.
In the past, replacing calendaring with traditional extrusion-based systems was a compromise, due to substandard belt quality. Thanks to VMI’s advanced gear pump extrusion technology, FLEXX OTR produces high-quality ply and belt. You can start with small production capacity – or increase capacity in smaller, more economical steps – without investing in high capacity and inflexible calender lines and cutters.


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