Endurance testing

vmi tire testing endurance1 Endurance testing

From a vertical road wheel with one or two test positions, to one horizontal road wheel with up to six test positions. VMI Tire offers you a range of robust and reliable drum type tire test machines for passenger, commercial, truck & bus tires. Our machines cover all normal and high-speed endurance tests, as required for global tire certification standards. For each of these machines rolling resistance measurement can be added easily to meet ISO 28580:2009, for the accurate and certified measurements that tire labels require. Our special “In Center” series drum testers are prepared for the dynamic control of camber and slip angles – and can also be used as a force & moment tester for evaluating high performance tires. Our most sophisticated hydraulic driven tread wear tester can simulate real driving conditions, accurately and repeatedly. Drum tire testers have a long lifespan, but tire legislation and R&D requirements keep on evolving. So we made it easy to adapt to changing needs by use of decentralized controls. And all VMI Tire testing equipment comes with our user-friendly interface, developed in house, so you always get the most out of your VMI Tire machines.

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