LAT100 tire tread compound testing

lat1002 LAT100 tire tread compound testing

Laboratory abrasion and skid tester

VMI Tire’s LAT100 compound tester accurately simulates road conditions, for fast and economical laboratory testing of rubber samples. You can save time and money by researching tire properties before production starts.

The LAT100 meets ISO 23233:2009 standards for abrasion testing of rubber compounds. Abrasion parameters like speed, load and slip angle can be set independently to offer maximum flexibility. Traction, dry or wet, is measured directly on a locked wheel, or through measuring side force while varying other parameters. Rolling resistance and heat build up can be studied over a wide range of loads and speeds.

Each machine comes with the following software developed by Dr. Grosch:

  • LAT assistant; to help you to set up tests files that can be fed to the machine
  • LAT explorer; for a comprehensive evaluation of the test data

Options include:

  • Temperature-controlled disk to simulate extreme conditions, including icy surfaces and hot tracks
  • Automatic slip angle change
  • Infrared pyrometer with laser pointer

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