CTC Technology

vmi rubber retreading ctc1 CTC Technology

The principle behind cushion-to-casing technology

For over 30 years, VMI AZ has supplied the retreading industry with quality extrusion solutions. Today more than 1000 of our cushion-to-casing (CTC) extruders for bus and truck tires are in operation around the world.Calendered cushion gum was the standard until VMI AZ perfected direct application of hot cushion gum on the casing. CTC technology offers you increased product quality and:

  • Single sized feed strip for reduced cushion gum cost
  • Reduced cement spraying costs

Because CTC skive filling is an automatic process, it’s far more reliable than skive filling performed by an operator with a handheld extruder. Cushion gum width is adjusted by movable slides, to easily adapt to different tire widths.

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