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    Customized technology for leading manufacturers

    Around the world, major tire, technical rubber manufacturers and retreaders depend on the robust machines designed and built by VMI Rubber. We have combined the best of VMI-AZ Extrusion and VMI Millroom, and created an organization dedicated to advanced machinery that is proven, reliable – and innovative. Thanks to ongoing research and development, our engineers constantly improve machinery – and test it in a working environment. So you get the full benefits of our decades of experience, with dependable machines that have won the respect of the world’s top manufacturers. VMI Rubber offers customized units for everything from cooling, stacking and cutting to OTR retreading – including our famous CTC applications, used by a majority of bus and truck retreaders in the USA and Europe. Our extruder gear pump solutions lead the industry. And major manufacturers around the world depend on VMI Rubber millroom machinery for master, final and remix production processes. With a tried and true mixture of global experience and personal service, it all adds up to superior quality and profits, and reduced labor costs. That’s because we always tailor VMI Rubber systems in precisely the combinations your company needs, based on your specific applications.

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