A quick look back over more than 155 years of history

For more than 155 years, always one step ahead.

Since the Harburger EisenHFrke AG was founded in 1855, HF have evolved into the spearhead in pioneering development and manufacturing of specialist machines for the rubber, tyre and edible oil industry on the global market. Through acquisition of the Farrel Corporation (US/UK) and the Pomini-Mixing Technology (Italy), the HF GROUP has risen to its position as a global player within the tyre industry. In a market of growing complexity and increasing challenges, a high degree of energy, precision and a willingness to embrace innovation is called for. There are many factors involved in having the decisive (cutting) edge. Summed up, the HF Group is the best option with:

More than 155 years of experience

There are very few companies in mechanical engineering worldwide who are able to look back on a similarly long history and accumulated expertise. Continuous innovations Many people can produce copies – with us, you get the genuine article. HF have been investing in the research and development of our machines since 1855. In 2011, HFll over 5 % of our turnover will be made available again in order to do just that. So when it comes down to technical innovations, it´s not surprising that HF continue to be a forerunner – which explains why HF are so often copied. Quality Made in Germany Our machines just run and run and run … Customers all over the world value “German Engineering”. All of our machines have been designed with absolute reliability and a long service-life in mind. Individuality Nothing of ours is “off the peg”. All machines are custom-designed and manufactured according to your individual requirements. HF are there to support you from the planning stage through to commissioning in your factory. Global Top Service Our 24-hour service makes sure that your machines never stop running. HF have locations around the world and a wide network of partners so that our specialists are always close by. With our spare parts service guaranteed for many years to come, working with our machines is something that you can always depend upon. Enthusiasm for our products Developers with body and soul – that´s who HF are. When it comes to the interests of our customers, our team of highly qualified employees have special reserves of creativity, experience and commitment to hand. This creates trust and is reflected by our customers every day. The HF GROUP – poHFred by commitment.

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